Dipped in wax
Image by Desnoir
Hailing from Western Australia, sideshow act Circus Carnis (basic Latin for 'Meat Show'), have been delighting and disgusting audiences since our not-so-immaculate conception in 2004. Circus Carnis performances include a themed storyline with piercing, suspension, and all manner of spectacle!

We are regular performers on Australia's cabaret circuit, having performed at many of Western Australia's ARTrage productions, Perth & Adelaide Fringe Festival seasons since 2009, Perth Fetish ball since 2004 and various other shows around the country.
We have our sights firmly set on spreading our wings in the USA, UK, Europe and Japan, so get in touch if you'd like a little freakshow fun at your event. 


“I’ve seen too many penises in my time, I don’t need to see this.”  - Pissed off Fringeworld audience member

"Circus Carnis, the flesh-piercing duo sort the crowd into those who can and those who can't." - Mark - the music.com.au

"The consummate stars of the show, as always, are those phenomenally twisted, freaks of hedonistic, artistically stylised perversion, Circus Carnis. I won’t ruin it, but there’s blood – enough to induce their lauded fainter in the audience. They are nothing short of dark-soul-food. A delicious, delectable feast of blood, gore and glamour that will make you marvel and leave you speechless." - Natalie Giles, Xpress Magazine

"I nearly vomited. That's how good it was! I'll eat cake from his crotch every chance I get!" - Scotty the Blue Bunny, La Soiree.

"All I have learned from this experience is that I do not know enough about male genitalia...WHERE DO THE BALLS GO?” 
Then later: "I stand by this review. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS.” - Darla Harland​, Les Sataniques.

"Circus Carnis never fail to deliver. Seriously, if you haven’t popped your Circus Carnis cherry yet, this is a hell of a way to get it done. I’m not going to be that guy that ruins the surprise, but this very open minded reviewer was blown away that you could actually do that with a light globe. It’s quite a thing to behold.” - Xpress Magazine, re The Bizarro Room.

"The venue staff gave an almost constant stream of warnings to the audience as they arrived and then again as they were ushered to their seats. “It’s an R-rated show” they said. We chuckled and assured them that we knew. “It’s got adult content”, they persisted. We rolled our eyes and said we’d be fine. We were not fine.
Circus Carnis sickened the audience to their cores." - GUTTERCULTURE.COM

Fringe staff member stopped to warn us about what to expect at El Bizarro tonight. Jason: "I"m gonna stop you right there, we're here for the balls!" - Alice, via Facebook.
"Perth's own Circus Carnis are shocking yet beautiful. The remnants of my teenage gothic heart fell in love, though quite a few members of the audience felt the need to leave during their performance. Creepy, disgusting, beautiful, sexy, shocking and a really good time. If you want shock value and a genuine freak show you have to go." - Sarah, via Facebook
"You guys were amazing!! I was super nervous that I would faint, but I'm so glad I stayed conscious for the whole show!" - Alice, Fringeworld audience member, via Facebook

"Gotta say, I was impressed by the show. My group of five lined up 30mins early to get front row seats.  My girlfriend was worried, but we both left feeling energised and wanting to see more. I was so on edge. Keep up the amazing work."   - Jason, Fringeworld audience member, via Facebook

"This was my third sideshow event. The first I stapled a guys head, the second I pulled a nail out of another guys nose. I straight up said I would NOT participate this time. And then they bought cake out. So I of course had Circus Carnis dick cake!! And it was delish! Another killer show from these babes!!" - Diamant, Audience member - Sideshow Alley, Brisbane

The Butcher and the bunny
Photo by Desnoir
Costumes by Circus Carnis